In honor of National Public Lands Day on September 22, we are openly telling anybody trying to take our land to FUCK OFF.

This Land Is Our Land: In 2017, recently appointed Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proposed a bill to drastically reduce the size of public land, specifically Bear Ears National Monument. This disgraceful move shook outdoors enthusiasts and climbers around the country. Our country's past leaders worked hard to preserve our untouched lands and Zinke has continued to make moves to shrink our public land and piss off every supporter of these protected acres. Zinke proves he doesn't have the mental capacity to protect our American wilderness.

Our climbing community needs to rise together to protect any and every public land in this great country. No political party will rip this land from under us. Join us and saying #FUCKZINKE and every other politician, billionaire or oil tycoon that tries to do the same. 

Join the cause and rock a sticker to show your support. 100% of the proceeds from our sticker will go to the Access Fund and help to preserve our land.


Ryan ZInke

[Image by Patagonia]


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